When I finally decided to found my own watch company, I was very precise about my intentions. I wanted the watches to bear my name. Therefore they had to make a statement and reflect my beliefs.

First and foremost my watches have to tell the time with precision. Any design must follow this principle. MEER watches reflect the individuality of the wearer.

A watch is a trusted companion through life. Reliability, precision and character are the basic values of my collection. Mechanical watches are fascinating masterpieces. The intricacy of the Swiss movements working together in precise harmony is an incredible sight. One has to see it to understand it. This is why my watches have a transparent crystal case back.

I am diligent. That is my nature. Diligence demands more than just the sale of a watch. Therefore every owner of a MEER timepiece receives an additional leather strap in a different colour, together with a precision tool to change it. This can be ordered directly from me with the postcard that is included in the instruction manual. If you wish, I will accompany you through the life of your watch with useful pointer to maintain the value of your MEER timepiece.